A Little About Us

At Your Site Is Here we aim to provide the best possible home for your websites using the latest tech to deliver reliability and performance you can depend on.

Established in 2004 Your Site Is Here is the web hosting arm of Testing Plus Limited. We may only be a small company but we are dedicated to providing simple, effective and above all reliable website hosting using the highest quality equipment based in the UK.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly with enough experience to confidently help you with any ideas, questions or concerns you may have.

High Spec Hardware

We use high-spec Dell servers with the latest generation of Intel processors, so you can rest assured your website is running on fast, high quality hardware from one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our network uses industry-leading equipment from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks to provide optimum performance and reliability.

Secure Data Centre

Our data centre uses the latest technologies to prevent data loss and minimise downtime. We are prepared for any situation including fire, floods and power loss ensuring our hardware is protected in even the most extreme circumstances.

Solid Network

Our network uses the very latest Cisco architecture. With multiple 10Gigabit connections to the internet via different providers. If a router fails, another will take over. This means we’re highly unlikely to lose connectivity to the internet.