Mark Lucock Photography is a comprehensive and diverse stock collection of nature, landscape and travel photography from around the world.

Mark is a respected author, photographer and scientist. His collection is available through PhotoShelter.com (www.marklucock.photoshelter.com) and contains some of his best work from over 40 years of endeavour. Image files are available via a streamlined e-commerce solution. As a qualified biologist, he can supply text to complement some of the best images around.

Mark has written 5 photography books, countless magazine articles, and at last count, 256 scientific articles. Although he cut his teeth on 5×4 inch, 6x17cm, 6x9cm and 6x7cm film cameras using ISO 50 Velvia, he was an early adopter of digital capture, using Canon DSLRs, although he currently has a soft spot for Fuji X cameras and their incredible lenses.